Digital Foundry: Xbox Series X Back-Compat - Red Dead Redemption 2, Ark, Just Cause 3, Assetto Corsa Competizione!


Good watch. I need more of Rich saying things in German and Italian(?), preferably whispered in my ear.

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Great video. Really surprised to see Assetto Corsa still not hitting 60fps with the Series X BC. Hopefully we see a proper next gen update or I won’t be playing it.

I really hope Ark gets patched for next gen. Surprised it can’t even hit 60fps consistently. Wonder if they could implement a 4K patch at 30fps, would give the game a good visual boost.

Nice video. Thank you for sharing.

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I’ve been wondering about Ark. I don’t play it at all but my 10 year old son loves it. Runs like shit on his one S though😆 but he doesn’t care

It’s pretty interesting that whenever there was a game that didn’t run great on the Series X, it was because the game itself is an outlier. Bodes pretty well for a big chunk of the BC catalogue, I think (and hope).