Did we just witness the best new gen launch in history?

When you put things perspective, I don’t think there has been a more impactful next gen launch than the one Xbox just pulled off when you factor everything that has been announced.

  • Series X | S - Most powerful and most affordable next gen console
  • Game Pass - Console/PC games + cloud gaming on mobile
  • EA Play/Destiny 2 plus all expansions included on Game Pass
  • 7.5 billion dollar acquisition of Zenimax Media on the day before pre-orders open up

I’ve been gaming since the original Nintendo and picked up every Xbox on Day 1 and I don’t think I have ever been this hyped for a console launch. I am still buzzing over the Bethesda news

I would say “most promising”. Let’s not jinx it before it happens. :sweat_smile:


Certainly a straight up shocking week or two. Remember how we were all wondering when all the next gen news would finally pick up? Welp. We here fam!

If Halo had been a launch title, and it turned out to be awesome, then I think this would be a slam dunk. As it is… Everything else is amazing, we just need some great new games. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know. It is lacking a bit of TV and sports.


I can agree with the idea that Microsoft is setting themselves up very well for the next generation.

That said I believe that previous console launches that benefited from a Japanese release prior to an North American release actually helped create some of the best day one offerings, something that today’s launches can’t compare to.

I imported the Japanese Dreamcast when it was released in '98 and over that year I bought Sonic Adventure, Marvel vs Capcom, SEGA Rally 2, House of the Dead, and a few more games. All of that was available in the launch window of the North American launch in '99 alongside NFL 2K, PowerStone, Ready 2 Rumble, Soul Calibur. And then you had arcade hits like Crazy Taxi hit the console in the launch window.

So I have to disagree with the idea that this launch would be the best. That said, I hope games like the Medium sell better without any huge 1st party juggernaut taking all the attention.

Kinect too!

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This isn’t the Dreamcast launch, so I’d say no. :valle:

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i mean this is just the preorder stage, wait till the consoles actually launch

That is a monster launch alright but I can’t help but think that I will just keep playing Undermine on Game Pass.

Certainly a very exciting one. Yesterday was easily the biggest news in the gaming industry for a decade. Does it penetrate through to those buying consoles who are not as heavily invested though? I’d say it does but not necessarily immediately…once those games hit gamepass or are exclusive…yeah that’s going to be interesting.