Did anybody else lose their rewarded license of Outer Wilds?

Remember when we were rewarded a free copy of Outer Wilds for watching Microsoft’s E3 presentation on Mixer a few years back, well I just noticed that I don’t own the license anymore and I’m thinking it has something to do with the new store update.

Can anybody else who has the new store update and received Outer Wilds through Mixer rewards, please confirm whether they still own the game or not.

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Mine has the ‘Install You Own This Button’ still.

but I also have the ‘Buy To Own’ button.

I have it installed and it shows the Game Pass logo which games I own don’t. So looks like I don’t own it anymore? :frowning:

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This must be an error, there is no reason to rescind the license.

This was the game that they rewarded for watch some E3 in the console?? Or am I wrong?

Correct, for watching the 2018 Xbox E3 briefing through Mixer.

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Yep, just checked. Goneski

Same here

I still own it and can’t buy it. Alpha skip ahead dashboard here.

Still have my copy ok from the looks of it

In the store it says I own it but can still buy it. :thinking: Not in my “owned” tab tho.

I watched that conference logged in my Mixer account (which was correctly linked to my Xbox account, I think they were a separate thing back then), but for some reason I never got it. I did get a bunch of other, less enticing Mixer rewards.

I still own it.