Diablo IV will release on June 5, 2023 according to leak

Originally published at: Diablo IV will release on June 5, 2023 according to leak - XboxEra

Diablo IV is releasing on June 5th, 2023, at least according to known leaker Aggiornamenti Lumia who has a history of pulling information from Microsoft servers.

There have been many rumors that Diablo would show up at The Game Awards on December 8th, and it makes sense if a release date is revealed there. If this date is accurate, it increases the likelihood that the game launches day one on Game Pass, assuming the proposed Activision-Blizzard acquisition goes through before then.


So, Game Pass by then :gimme: :achievement: .


Gamepass day 1 pls


Crazy year becomes even crazier.

Who will have the time to play all these massive games ?

I don’t know, but I will surely try my best.

I’ll have to quit my job, divorce my wife and adopt my kids out to get through 2023 year of gaming :joy:

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Don’t see it being June 5th as that’s a Monday. Do games even release on a Monday?

In the comments they say the 6th depending on time zone

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Okay. Damn time zones!!! lol

The 6th makes more sense. If there is an open beta in Jan/Feb, they should have enough time to implement any changes or balances before release.

And I will be very surprised if this isn’t day one on Game Pass as I do believe the ABK deal closes by April 30th.

Oh man im in day 1.

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