Cyberpunk 2077 Delayed by 21 days, Coming Dec 10th

Title says it all:

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No game is safe. Not even a console. Wonder if one will be actually delayed or has only a paper launch like the RTX 3000 series

Xbox UK Marketing Lead’s reply to the news lmaoooo


I dont wanna sound like Im hating but this game sounds like the messiest 8/10 ever.

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Same date as The Medium :skull_and_crossbones:

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Holy shit, that’s awesome news for me! Between AC Valhalla, Dirt 5, Cyberpunk and Yakuza I was dropping a minimum monthly wage in games this November – which was making me feel guilty lol

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Tbh this suits me down to the ground.

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Comments are already blaming Series S :unamused:

Jesus, again? I truly thought it was final now. I always thought once a game goes gold…

Hopefully it truly makes it in December. I will manage with WD Legion and backlog but I badly want to play it.

Must have found some pretty major bug…they were team not delays a few weeks back after announcing they’d gone gold.

The most annoying part of these delays is that Xbox always cancels my preorder and randomly refunds my credits. Then I have to manually pre-order the game again before my 4 year old spends my Xbox credit.

I always thought that Gold meant the game is finished, but maybe you’re right. With games today needed day one patches right away surely people have been testing the game even when development was finished.

Let’s hope they are 100% sure of their case now but I’m preparing myself for a 2021 release, hopefully January if that’s the case.

Sucks but I don’t want a broken game after waiting so long.

My first thought was that this makes waiting for the next-gen upgrade easier but I guess that’s also been delayed by 3 weeks at this point.

Ok what the fuck? This was yesterday!

Wasteland 3 was delayed as well. Same with Ori WOTW. Witcher 3 was delayed as well.

A delay doesn’t confirm great performance at launch. All these games had many many issues during launch, some are still getting rectified.

Big RPGs suffer from this even more cuz of how many in-game systems are involved, this is partly the reason why I think games like Divinity and Baldur’s Gate 3 have launched into Early Access, cuz they know just how much of a mess these types of games can become despite all internal testing and QA.

I saw some comments there that these are red flags, not a good sign. Maybe, maybe not. But man, Witcher 3 had a more smooth release. It had a few delays but not like this.

I was wondering, did the press ever got to play Witcher 3 pre release or was it just them seeing the demo and then it released? Because I realized press hasn’t played CP2077 at all, or have they?

Witcher 3 wasn’t launching into the biggest global crisis of the last 70 years or so…

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Yeah I’m aware. The more bugs they squash before they release the better.

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