Creative Assembly's Alien Isolation team still hiring for new first person tactical shooter IP, slated for next-gen, looks to be GaaS shooter

Creative Assembly’s team in Horsham, England (Alien Isolation) is still actively recruiting for their new First Person Tactical Shooter IP. It seems as though the project has changed ideas throughout the years. Reported as early as November 2017, the project has dabbled (1/7)

with multiple genres from tactical fps to sci-fi/immersive sim and even a hero shooter in 2019 based on various job listings. Currently the studio has 12 positions open for this new IP, and only 1 of them mention hero/class based shooter. (2/7)

From the Graphics Programmer joblisting it looks like the game is set for next-gen consoles, as they are looking for somebody “pushing the boundaries of next generation consoles to their limits, using UE4 to develop for Xbox Family, Playstation Family and PC.” (3/7)

It also looks like the game has a heavy focus on online components, as “Experience of delivery of a ‘Game As A Service’ and ‘In-Game marketplaces” and “Live Operations service” are heavily mentioned and desired. One listing requires somebody to “support the development (4/7)

of the game up to release and into the live operations phase” and “reliably planning and delivering seasonal content”. The game is set in a “immersive and visually impressive world” and will make use of “weapons and equipment for AAA first person titles.” (5/7)

Another listing asks for “the creation of all character content, playable and non-playable characters and their equipment.” What has remained consistent since 2017 is that its a first person tactical shooter and its a new IP. But it looks like the game is moving more towards (6/7)

a ‘traditional’ shooter with GaaS elements (like The Division 2, Destiny 2 etc), rather than a hero/class based multiplayer title. It has now been 6 years since Alien Isolation released and we have yet to see what CA have been cooking all this time. (7/7)

Wonder how they think this will find a place in todays market. I feel ‘shlooters’ need to be excellent to really find a place. Is Borderlands 3 even doing alright?

BL3 sold 8 million copies as of Feb 2020, so I think it did alright :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s a shame we are not going to get a sequel to Alien Isolation. The Xenomorph is such a perfect creature for a horror game.


That game deserves a sequel more than most games


Most definitely. I thought CA hit it out of the park considering it was their first attempt at the IP and genre. It was also not like there was no room for improvement with the sequel.

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I wouldn’t mind an A Symmetrical style game where you play as the Alien against 4 Marine

Evolve turned out to be a steaming turd but the game fundamentally had a killer concept that was just poorly executed.

It wasn’t. Evolve was amazing.

Lame, Alien Isolation REALLY needs a sequel one of my favorite games

I mostly watch horror games and I don’t play them (too scared to try). I’ve watched the whole game and it was simply sublime. The art direction was insanely authentic, it really got the atmosphere of the first movie. It’s really a shame they won’t expand it with more sequels.