Compulsion Games Community Manager Katie Robinson AKA PikaChulita makes some concerning claims and the studio allegedly race swapped their video game character after Sweet Baby involvement

What on earth is this response?!


Looks like a weird call back to the ‘woke agenda’ claims the other day. Don’t get the Square connection because they are Japanese, but maybe it’s related to their stuff about lack of diversity in FF?

The racists and sexists that are Compulsion games.

I think their Community manager only said that they hate Gamers, not specifying specific race or sex.

She also said “white male gamers were a mistake” Nice to know there’s a sexist and racist on Xbox books.

We all win.

WTF, why is she doing Negative YoY 100% speedrun?

And what has one community manager from a single studio have to do with Xbox making acquisitions (or the whole studio for that matter)? They have only been in the role for 6 months and will likely now be fired.

If you had one racist person at your work, does that make you and the entire company racist? Come on…


It does. At least that’s the premise of Cancel Culture. Person commits wrong-think and employer is contacted as soon as they’re identified by activists that strongly suggest they will be associating the brand with that person.

I’d like to see the specific quote and context of this one

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Yeah that’s a pretty stupid thing to say. I am assuming it is something that happened a while ago?

A whole nice article covering most of in one place. Compulsion Games Community Manager Katie Robinson Claims "I Hate Gamers" After Previously Claiming "White Male Gamers Were A Mistake" - That Park Place

Making this thread to move the discussion (out of the acquisition thread) around Katie Robinson’s recent comments and the rumour that the studio race swapped the main character after Sweet Baby involvement.

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@TimPhoeniX and @IrishXbox

Lol the source of those claims is that Grumz dude. The same guy that made up a lot of bullshit during the ABK acquisition is now claiming that two games that didn’t exist before MS “involvement” drastically chanced when MS got involved lol.

Like the situation with the community manager is pretty shitty, but it would be cool if it was possible to discuss something on the internet without some grifter pushing some agenda to get twitter bucks.


I’ve been seeing some stuff lately about this Sweet Baby Inc, they also were very disrespectful when Toriyama died and they have been on some bullshit. I really hope they are not involved with any XGS projects. Definitely not a fan of them.

As for this, those sure are some tweets. :neutral_face:


Kern is a **** and an outrage merchant so I’m not I want to take anything he says seriously

Her tweets aren’t good though

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They’re on top of South of Midnight and Contraband, and proudly display Xbox Game Studios logo as first on their list of clients.