Children of the Worm, Back 4 Blood's 2nd DLC has been announced & is coming August 30th

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The 2nd DLC for Back 4 Blood, a title still in Game Pass, has been announced and it is titled “Children of the Worm”. Unlike the first DLC which added content to the main campaign this introduces an entirely new Act. The company describes the campaign as one that “puts players into an epic showdown with a fierce new enemy threat. To help combat this unknown adversary, the expansion will introduce “Prophet” Dan, a gun toting, self-proclaimed preacher of the end times, who joins the growing list of playable Cleaners in their effort to save humanity.”

You’ll get 8 new character skins as well as 12 weapon skins included as well, alongside the usual assortment of new weapons, accessories and cards. We reviewed both the base game and 1st DLC and came away favorable, though aiming on controller still doesn’t feel “quite right”. One key feature shared with the first DLC is that only one person in a party needs to own the expansion for everyone to be able to play it.

Children of the Worm will be available to Season Pass owners on August 30th, 2022.