Check your email for Turn 10 (Forza) insider invites

They seem to be sending insider invites out in a wave right now. Hopefully that means Forza Motorsport info soon!


Yep, I got mine and filled the survey.

It says Forza Motorsport so I’m hoping it’s for the new game. It must be.

Really curious to see what they are making, although it kind of suggests the game may not come out this year if they’re only expanding the program now.


Did you guys read it? Lol

Just Asking

Why not? halo flighting was over summer and it came out in november/december


Yeah, just opted in. Hopefully, things start to pick up with Forza Motorsport

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Similarish feeling. Also feels like the game is ready to be shown, but MS hasn’t had a big showcase in a while for the game to be properly unveiled.

Summer beta with a holiday release would fit well to fill out the Xbox release calendar along with Starfield. Sorta how FH5 and Halo Infinite played off each other.

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They did also announce Forza Horizon 5 at E3 last year for an end of year release - it wouldn’t be unreasonable to repeat this for Motorsport.


“you agree not to (i) disclose the existence of the survey”

just saying


Unless theyve snuck a unique watermark in the email or the user’s name is similar to their email, theres really no way they can trace this back to anyone

We all know that if it isn’t in the clickbait news headline that users don’t read it…

Are you playing with us ? :confused_wat:

I should have read it, but I was too excited ! :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

The first rule of Forza Insider is: you do not talk about Forza Insider


i take “what is a gamertag” for 500