CDPR facing rebellion after Cyberpunk 2077 backlash

What an absolute mess what the fuck happened


Its unreal what the hell happened

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Schreier’s framing of his CDPR stories seems like they are done in bad faith to me. Here all he really cites is a couple of pointed questions members on the dev team asked their leadership. That doesn’t sound like some mass rebellion to me at all.

The way he always tries to make things out to be black and white is just unhelpful for his audience as it makes it sound as if CDPR’s dev leads are some caricature of evil corporate super villains or something, despite the emails made public that very much point towards something very different.


But how buggy the game is points to a picture of a messy development especially after 3 delays in 1 year

Yes and I empathize with devs, I talked to some of them and it is sad what happens even if I dislike some parts of the game, the fault is on the higher ups for having released the game in such a state imho. Exagerate Marketing and bad business decisions. They should have keept it in the oven to cook way longer.


Yea its a great game i just finished it last night but this is absolutely insane I truly believe Microsoft and 343i dodged a huge bullet by delaying halo infinite


Hopefully this CP2077 mess will show people that delays are a good thing. I think what happened here was the higher ups wanted to get this out the door to get money back. I think it really just comes down to that and that’s probably why they were bragging it has already made the dev costs back. It’s all about the share holders.


The whole thing is terrible, but I feel like somehow CDPR pissed on Schreider coffee mug for some reason. Sometimes, looks like he’s trying to beat a dead horse and collecting the spoils. 343i better watchout, looks like they are next on Schreider radar.


Messy development usually stems from genuine ambition clouding judgment about what can be achieved, which is totally different than the way the press frames things at CDPR, where instead these ‘higher ups’ (who usually are dev team leads btw, not execs) are talked as if they are super villains.

I think their ambition and genuine desire to make the best game they could is what lead to this situation where they have no ‘good’ options left. Devs getting out over their skiis too far is very different framing than how the press seems to framing things though, which is what I find obnoxious. It feels more like the press farms the story of the game and CDPR for clicks now.


It might just be his personal ambitions there too. He writes books specifically focused on precisely this topic of crunch culture and bad dev team management, so he likely sees exactly what he wants to see to give him material for his books. That might not be done on purpose, mind you, but that’s the vibe I get from his work.


This happens all the time, its just not reported.

Hopefully CDPR can right the ship.


CDPR: forces devs to crunch for months/years, buggy launch, attaches metracritic scores to bonuses, hides state of game on base consoles from customers, …

jason: thats my jam!

all other devs doing the same shit: please don’t mention us!

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To be fair, he has pursued those stories too (Insomniac, 343, Naughty Dog all had stories about them related to dev management decisions too). The broader topic of crunch itself is a lot less black and white than most seem to imagine. He just seems to really focus on the black/white version that completely lacks any context or nuance at all and only seems to bother talking to ppl who reach out to him and are already upset about working conditions. And that might be legit in their case but he presents it like everyone there is being systematically exploited by some evil super villain execs.

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They really should have just delayed all console versions till 2021. PC seems fine all things considered.

I personally think they should have cancelled the Xbox One and PS4 versions and make it a next-gen exclusive. I know they have said they will be releasing two patches next year to improve the situation there, but I am with DF when they question how much CDPR can realistically improve because at certain points they need to double the frame rate. I personally think the game is too much for the jaguar CPUs and CDPR will has hit a technical roadblock.

Regarding “crunch”, I personally have no issues with this whatsoever for one simple reason - it’s a part of life regardless of what you do professionally. You want to be a surgeon? Well, guess what? You’ll be crunching for about 15 years. Lawyer? Same thing. You in college now getting ready for finals? Well, you’re crunching. Bottom line is that everyone crunches at one time or another. It all depends on what you want to be professionally and what your goals are. If you want to be the best at something, you’ll be crunching the vast majority of your life/career. It’s not overly complicated.

With that said, CDPR should have delayed the game until it was 100% finished or simply cancel the PS4/Xbox One versions of the game. With PC sales being 4.5M and console sales being 3.5M, sure, they would probably lose at least 2M-3M in console sales but all of this shit now wouldn’t be happening because those versions of the game wouldn’t exist and thus, can’t bitch about a broken ass game if it doesn’t exist. PC/Xbox Series X and S/PlayStation 5 and done.

What CDPR should do now is pull the game completely from being purchased except for PC. I would leave the PC version alone. But all other versions, I would pull them, refund everyone who wants a refund and then re-release/re-launch the game in May/June when it’s completely fixed and has the next gen upgrade ready for it.

While this would cost them a shit ton of cash in the short term, long term they would be fine. At re-release, I would keep the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 versions at $60 while cutting the price of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions to $30. I would also include the first expansion for free to everyone that has or will purchase the game on all platforms.

That’s my own personal opinion. Lucky for me, im not playing Cyberpunk 2077 until the next gen upgrade gets released regardless of when that may be even though im tempted to play through the prologue just to check it out and mess around with it. Either way, it is what it is.

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Hard disagree. I work in software development for over 20 years. I have crunched for months on projects, yes. They were all shit, badly managed and failed in the end. The most successful projects respected all workers and their time.Long hours only lead to bugs, which lead to more long hours. Better fix management and project schedule.

By the way this is not something new. Fred Brooks told us about managing large projects and their timeline 45 years ago when he wrote “The Mythical Man Month” after his experiences with develping OS/360 at IBM. :man_shrugging:

And there are enough high profile devs like Insomniac or Supergiant Games who even in a pandemic released highly regarded games without crunch. So the rest should just git gud.


We need to learn “where to draw the line”

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Don’t get me wrong, crunch can be bad if not managed properly. I’m just not in the group that believes all crunch in general is bad because it’s not. It’s also up to each individual to determine if/how much they want to crunch. I work in retail. I crunched in my 20’s and somewhat in my early 30’s but now at 42, fuck that shit. Of course, in fairness, my expenses are minimal and the only responsibility that I have is myself where as most people have way more responsibilities than I do so that all varies based on each individual.

As for CDPR, they should have cancelled the last gen versions or delayed the game itself until 2021 sometime. As for anyone crunching at CDPR, that’s obviously up to each individual there. I’m not them but at the same time, im sure that they don’t have a gun to their head either. Once again, it’s simply up to each and every individual as to what they want to do. After all, they’re all adults so they need to use their intelligence and life situation to decide what is best for themselves as it relates to their situation in life.