Captures are sometimes not uploading for me. Getting error message

This problem comes and goes for me and now it’s back again.

I noticed that I’m not seeing my recent captures. And when I check the upload in the dash I get a yellow error message saying that the upload is not available right now.

Is anyone else having or had this issue?

Yeah sharing and uploading has been spotty for me on Series X too

Ive been saying for weeks the system is useless.

Also they need to do something about the notification for a clip/screenshot ruining audio for a couple of seconds.

I had nno problems so far…

Sometimes when I hit the capture button too frequently I get a error message otherwise no issues.

My uploads say they upload but then don’t show up. I’m in the alpha skip ahead program so idk if that has something to do with it or not. Kinda sux cuz I’ve lost a lot of screenshots now.


Screenshots and videos upload just fine from my Series X.

Except for Gears 5. For whatever reason I took several screenshots during the Hivebusters campaign and it will not upload a single one of them. Even when I manually tried to upload them it would not work.