Can't log in anymore, but Xbox Live has no issues

So earlier today there were a lot of issues with Live, I was lucky to not have any problems but now I sure got problems.

I had to switch to my other account for My Home Xbox for game sharing. Then when I try to log back into my default account it just keeps spinning the circle and says “signing you in”. And then after a while it stops.

How do I fix this? Did a full reboot already too.

Try going offline before logging in to your Xbox, after you do login try going online and see if you can play any online games.

Maybe there should be one thread for all launch problems?

Yep! It works for us now. For a sec I was afraid we did something wrong with “My Home Xbox”

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Glad to hear it’s working!

Not a bad idea at all because there are some things people need to be aware of.

I had this happen too for awhile. And yes, a tech support thread would be good, I’d already ran into a few issues here and there.