Can you complete X launch game before Cyberpunk?


So, Cyberpunk is going to be the biggest game this year, no doubt, and I’m sure a lot of people will be playing it non stop from the 19th.

With the Xbox being launched on the 10th, that’s gives 9 days to play game(s).

So, my main question is- will anyone be aiming to try and complete any of their launch games within 9 days? I have AC:V as my main launch game, and even with 6 days off work I’m not sure I can do it, personally. :joy:

What’s your plans, peeps?

I will beat Bright Memory in its 2 hour glory, lol.

I’ll try for Spidey Remastered too.

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Since I won’t be playing Cyberpunk 2077 until CDPR releases their next gen upgrade in 2021, I would say YES. Hehehe.

As of now, my gaming schedule is as follows -

  1. Watch Dogs Legion
  2. The Falconeer
  3. Immortals: Fenyx Rising
  4. Gears Tactics
  5. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

By the time I finish these 5 games, it should be time for Outriders and shortly thereafter Far Cry 6.

:joy: That’s one way of doing it. Out of interest, what lures your to immortals? I want to play Watch Dogs bit live near London so get a bit… Weird… feeling about it but will definitely cop it at some point.

Heck no. I’ll probably wait until next year for Cyberpunk. :slight_smile:

Watch Dogs Legion looks great but it’s my least hyped game which is why im playing it first. Plus it’s a disc purchase and I will want to trade it in to get back half my money. It could be one of those games for me where once im playing it, im fully into it because watching videos, not so much. London looks superb and we rarely get games based in London so that’s a huge draw.

As for Immortals, it’s the art style of BOTW set in Greek Mythology with the combat of AC Odyssey in a beautiful world with better puzzles, dungeons, etc. Hell yeah, im all in. LOL. I have watched over 2 hours of footage for Immortals and im day one with the Digital Gold Edition. The expansions would have be crappy when revealed before the game comes out for me to change my mind and just buy the base game on disc. Has a solid story/characters based on what I have seen and the protagonist actually has voice acting. Not an extreme amount but still talks. I hate silent protagonists.

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Yes, I am planning to play through Gears Tactics before Cyberpunk 2077 launches

Probably boot up all the games I’ve already got to see the improvements (FH4, Gears etc) until Cyberpunk. Try out the 120fps on Gears

Quick question guys. Assasins Creed or Yakuza can not decide what to go for first!

For me gears tactics and bright memory(if it’s on gamepass). But no I won’t be able to finish tactics before cyberpunk releases. I’ll also check out the ea play gamepass games.

I’ll wait for cyberpunk to come out to decide if I’m human wait for the next gen patch or not. I’ll compare the series x(launch version) to pc high settings as that’s where I guess series x post launch will be. If the upgrade is massive I’ll wait.

If I do decide to wait perhaps I’ll pick up Valhalla.