Call of Duty update experience is miserable on PC (Modern Warfare 2019) - how is it on Xbox Series X?

Hey there, still haven’t been able to get my hands on an Xbox Series X yet and just have a gaming PC that I play Modern Warfare 2019 on. Was thinking about getting Black Ops Cold war on PC as well but every time I return to call of duty on PC I’m turned off by how irritating the update system is.

For example:

  • Launch Battlenet Client on PC > Update Call of Duty Game

  • Downloads in background and then client says I can launch game. Launch game and then get a message that the game needs to restart to apply update

  • Then boot the game up again and get another message that shader packs are installing. Dont have to reboot here but if you try to play while it installs these shaders it’s not a great experience. You get weird hitching and load times can be erratic - so your best option is to just let the game run for a bit and alt+tab out since it doesnt want to install shaders while the game is not open

Is the experience any better on Console? I’m asking about Modern Warfare 2019 and the new Black Ops: Cold War game. Really hoping it just downloads and installs everything it needs at once and then just lets me know its good to play without any more intervention.

Same experience, on both Warzone and Cold War. But shaders do not install after update on consoles.

Always found weird that game asks you to restart game after installing update. Couldn’t they do this process when installing the update?