Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War - Official Teaser Trailer


Hyped for this !

Definitely an attention grabbing trailer. Looks dope as hell!

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I reckon the warzone map in modern warfare is gunna get nuked … this will be part of the reveal …and we can all watch …or its gunna set nukes off

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That would be so cool.

I wonder how they would do it, take away all lethals and just have people skydive into the map? Then sirens go off, and we see a blinding flash of light, shockwave, fires etc

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That would be insane! …

I really hope the troubled development won’t result in a mess of a game. As odd as Black Ops 4 was, I’ve still found its multiplayer to be miles beyond Modern Warfare’s in terms of tactics, map design, balance and flow. Treyarch has been pressed hard this time, hopefully they manage to deliver something dope.

Tempted to download Warzone again to check out the in-game event. Gonna be a long download lol.