Buying gift cards or games from Cdkeys for different country, and smart delivery

So here’s the deal.

With Xbox One I always bought my games in the USA store, simply because the prices are much more normal. This is while I am located outside the USA. With gift cards via Cdkeys or Offgamers this always worked fine.

I plan to buy Watch_Dogs Legion and it happens that Cdkeys has a real nice deal on it.

But it says it can’t be activated in The Netherlands, where I live. But if I log in onto the USA Xbox site, redeem the code there, it should work, right?

Last but not least, even though it doesn’t say, this has smart delivery, right? It’s the Xbox One version.

Hmm, I can’t say I’ve had your exact use case, but here are a few things I do know:

  • The Watch Dogs: Legion listing in the MS store claims Smart Delivery (but maybe check in your region to be sure).

  • I’ve personally changed the region in the MS store in order to claim free games (South Korea, Japan, etc) and haven’t had a problem

  • I’ve seen some people (non-Brazilians) talk about using a VPN to buy Brazilian Xbox Live Gold codes to convert into Game Pass Ultimate because it’s cheaper.

Nothing conclusive I’m afraid :confused: Good luck! Oh and apparently Green Man Gaming are going to start selling Xbox codes too, if that’s any help.

I’m not sure how it works when cdkeys gives you an actual game code but make sure you have a VPN like tunnelbear running. It’s alot easier and usually cheaper to get gift cards, then buy the games directly from the store with foreign codes.

For example xbox brazil is cheapest for UK and may be so for euros? Not sure. The gold version of this is £58 in UK money if buying vouchers from sites like mtc game.

It’s OK man, I appreciate the help!

Yeah Tunnel Bear is a good idea.

I just checked and with Gift Cards via Off Gamers WDL will be like 50 euros, which is fantastic. So Cdkeys is not necessary here.

But, my bro also wants NBA2K21 and it’s only 38,39 euros, which is crazy really.

Oh,…but now I see NBA is not smart delivery.

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(Sorry to bump an old thread but didn’t feel this warranted a whole new thread of its own.)

Has anyone noticed that almost everything on cdkeys is out of stock all of a sudden? Games that were available yesterday that I was considering buying are now unavailable. Only a handful of things seem to be in stock. And items that initially appear to be available in search results are then impossible to purchase on their individual page (there’s only a ‘notify me’ button where a ‘buy’ button used to be). Hopefully a temporary technical problem rather than a business issue.

I’ve been hearing more about Eneba lately, on deals sites and such. Dell also recently had $100 Xbox gift cards for $90, if that’s any help.

I’m wary of places like Eneba because they’re marketplaces for third party sellers, so I suspect there’s a higher chance keys might have been obtained illegally. Cdkeys is more of a grey market site - you’re still not getting the keys directly from the publisher, but you can be confident they’re not stolen or shady, as I understand it. Thanks though!

Ah, I didn’t know about that, it’s a totally reasonable concern. I have seen some posts (not here) about how codes bought through Eneba were used already, though I’ve never had that issue myself with the many codes I bought.

Am I the only one who had problems with Cdkeys? My friend gave me a gift card, but I couldn’t use it. All the games went out of stock all of a sudden. Only a few items were available. It seemed like a long-lasting technical problem. I was so sad I couldn’t use my gift card. However, my friend cheered me up with another present from It was such a nice gesture. He chose a basket with my favorite food products. He added a bottle of campaign and fruits. I wish everyone had friends like him.

Never had an issue with any purchases there outaide of what was in or out of stock, but its been a few years since I picked up anything there.