Bright Memory releases November 10th for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S

Bright Memory is releasing on November 10th for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This is the current $10 demo version that was released back in March 2019 on Steam.

Bright Memory Infinite is scheduled to release in 2021 for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

Bright Memory -

Bright Memory Infinite -


Cool, should be a nice tech demo

Man, that looks awesome. Can’t wait to play both of them. This is what we need more of in FPS games. Tired of the boring war games. Give me more fantasy in them. Shadow Warrior 3 should also be fun. That was confirmed for consoles I hope?

No mention of Xbox One :thinking:

Bright Memory looks superb. I’m very much looking forward to both games. As for Shadow Warrior 3, it’s thus far only been announced for PC.

It’s Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S. If you watch the Ray Tracing videos for the game, you can see why.

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aw man. No Shadow Warrior 3 will hurt, but I’m sure we’ll get it eventually. I really liked Shadow Warrior 2.

great demo also they seem to have strong relationship with this Dev

Will this demo come with Ray Tracing effects?

I don’t believe that it will but Infinite is said to have Ray Tracing.


I made the mistake of not reading the first post.

Yeah! Because it is not the next gen RT version. It will come later.

For a second I was like ooooh shit! But with the lack of real marketing this clearly wasn’t happening.

I purchased this on steam a few weeks ago, it’s very short - just an hour but holy crap I was impressed considering it was made by one person (you can certainly tell though with the glitches etc). Definitely playing the full version when it comes out.

I’m interested in seeing the price and if it includes the free upgrade to Infinite when it releases in 2021. Either way, im definitely buying Bright Memory. I know it’s a few hours at most but to see one person actually make this “game” and then Infinite with a small outsource team to wrap up Infinite, I have to support the guy. Been impressed since seeing it earlier this year and then on the Xbox May showcase, I was like, yeah, im all in.

Game looks amazing.

The game is really shaping great! I will play it that’s for sure. Seems really good. Hope MS keep an eye on the guy behind this game, he has so much potential.

IS there a game I can compare the gameplay to? Game looks like a ton of fun

Agreed. Game looks amazing but I am wondering how they will go about those who buy Bright Memory and if they get the free upgrade to Infinite because on Steam the game is $10 which I don’t see happening on Xbox Series X. I’m very curious to see what the price ends up being and if it includes a free upgrade to Infinite.

I was going to ask what the difference between this and infinite is. It seems like this is a demo and infinite is a full game based on comments?

Bright Memory was a demo that was meant to be Episode 1 but instead, Zeng Xiancheng decided to make a full complete game with the demo being more of a prologue but im not 100% sure on the prologue aspect. That’s just the way it seems to me.