Brad Sams: A Closer Look at Halo Infinite’s Turbulent Journey

Of course it sucks but alot of the time its out of a companies hands. Maybe he was tired of Vancouver wanted a change of scenery. I’m sure they tried to keep him. Its a real shame

hmmm E3 2019 cutscene was diffidently better than 2020 cutscene

Yeah a really big good shake up is really needed.

In people’s eyes, if it is how their flagship franchise is managed it is worrying for the rest of their portfolio. People will lose trust.

Time to clean the mess…


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That was a very good read. I just finished watching the NX video breakdown. Originally when the demo presentation came out, I thought it looked fine but certainly not mind blowing. Then after all the baggage and these videos explaining what was wrong, it became apparent this game clearly wasn’t in shipping state.

It’s also very weird that the story trailer released along side the demo video was the exact same scenery. Found that to be very weird.

As much as I want to play Halo, this is definitely want was needed. Hopefully they can make the corrections needed to make the game look and play great. It’s a bummer that 343 whose position to be Microsoft’s top studio can’t seem to catch a break.

Dont know if i can wait till 2022 but I am hoping one year delay and release it in Nov 2021.

The game definitely needs a lot of work and the initial showing was underwhelming. Really hope they can get the game to the the state of Initial Reveal Trailer.

Master Chief deserves the best :sunglasses:

Yea im thinking November 2021

You may want to just include clips instead of the whole article.

2020 is the year of COVID-19. Every development process is gonna get impacted one way or another, and I don’t envy any developer who had a date set in the stone for the second half of the year.

This sounds like late 2021 to me

Behind the scenes there must have been a hell of a lot of bollockings, but best thing is to present a united front and for 343i to go into dark mode and get the game over the line.

343i are in such an unenviable position they need to deliver a stellar SP game and a massive MP one as well no easy feat at the best of times. People having to work from home makes that a lot harder.

Hopefully they can get it delivered.

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They really need to get rid of the Xbox One version. Seriously; if its coming next year then we do not need Halo, the flagship Xbox title to be hampered by the Xbox One.

There are clearly some issues here and to make things easier, drop the Xbox One version completely and focus solely on the Xbox Series X. Halo deserves better than this.


100% agreed.

I’m also of the mind that Phil and Matt Booty will have to make major decisions concerning leadership positions of 343. COVID-19 only accounts for development over the last 4-5 months. What happened with the past 4 years and several months of work? Hundreds of millions of dollars should’ve yielded much more than what we saw.

Lastly, I want to know how Booty could be so hands-off with thee flagship IP of Xbox to see what we saw in July and think things were okay. Same with Phil watching the July show before it aired and being happy with it. Makes no sense whatsoever.

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I agree, would be better (and fairer to the author) to either just post a link if you aren’t going to start any kind of discussion or if you are then just post a quote or two that illustrate your main discussion point,

Do you guys understand how things work in a(ny) big company? This is a flagship launch title we’re talking about here and its progress will have been closely tracked at an LT level, so Phil and Matt will have been working closely with the 343 team and would both have been fully aware of status and there’s also a good chance they have both at some point been involved in signing off any planning changes and/or mitigation’s.

Yes the team will need to analyze the root causes behind what happened here and make some changes but that will be done on a process and WoW level. Not on a looking for someone to blame one.

It’s very rare that one person is a single point of failure or “to blame” for things like this as any half decent management system will be structured to make sure that can’t happen. In fact I’ve only seen it once in a long career. Even rarer that the decisions behind the RCs are found to have been made at an R&D level.

Edited to add that I’m not bashing Phil or Matt with this post in any way either, management of projects on such a massive scale is very challenging for all concerned.


Thank you for posting this. I came in here to start writing this but you beat me to it. Milestones and target dates can change to suit but in the development of anything, large or small. No single person would be the reason for delay and the studio head, producer or any other leadership are not the sole accountable staff for missing targets. Results matter. If Halo comes out as ( I believe) A massive hit, these discussions will no longer be relevant.

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God DAMN well said lol! Halo 4 honestly, and its probably unpopular, has taken my number 1 spot of fav. Halo game, with ODST following 2nd. Halo 4 was the next big step in story telling. For sure cried at the end but then was like…oh man…a fuckin war against the Forerunners! Theeeen Halo 5 lol. Halo 5’s MP was spot on, loved it. But that story…good lord. I agree to were game devs shouldnt be too caught up with what the community says they want. Its like they are in a damn pinball machine bouncing off everything.

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That’s why it is so important that 343i takes the time needed and don’t rush it out when “it’s good enough”. The descision to delay it now hints at good things, let’s just hope they stay on that course.


Xcloud runs on Xbox one s server blades. Between in 2021 they switch on next gen server blades.

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Outside of the talk about the Halo TV series adding onto the issues, this matches up with some of the other reports. Heavy use of contractors plus turmoil and disagreements within the studio. You don’t lose two creative directors in 3 months if everything is going well.

I hope we get a more fleshed out story behind this game.

At least the engineers got what they wanted which was delays