Blizzard Entertainment and NetEase Reportedly Looking to Restore Game Services in China

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Reported earlier in the week by media and technology news site 36Kr (translated thru DeepL), developer Blizzard Entertainment and Chinese internet technology company NetEase are looking to restore services of Blizzard’s games and Battle.Net to the greater China region after a potential miscommunication caused both partners to end their 14-year relationship. This took games like World of Warcraft offline for millions of players in China and with it, years of gameplay.

A little over a year later, 36Kr have been informed thru their sources that this partnership may likely be restored over the coming months (along with other overseas game companies that left the country). NetEase did not respond to the outlet in time for publication.

Per the article:

36 Krypton from a number of independent sources was informed that over the past period of time, Blizzard and a number of domestic game makers to discuss the “return of the national service” matters, and ultimately chose to re-engage with NetEase cooperation.

36 Krypton this news to NetEase for confirmation, as of press release the other did not respond.

It is understood that, after the cooperation is determined, NetEase and Blizzard need to re-establish the national service operation team, and test servers and related systems, so players are looking forward to the game back on line, may have to wait half a year or longer.

In November of this year, iOS App suddenly carried out an update, and iOS users can directly access the content, is also suspected of the new version of the national service client has been in the test.

Now, belonging to the era of Kaudyk (Kotick) is coming to an end, the current president of Blizzard Entertainment Mike Ybarra said that mainland China has a large number of players who love Blizzard games, and Blizzard hopes that their games can be spread all over the world, including the Chinese market. Under reasonable business conditions, the return of Blizzard’s national service is good for NetEase and players.


Too much money on the table.

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It was only a matter of time…

It does make me wonder if Xbox may make some further deals with NetEase for their Non-Blizzard games.

Pretty funny considering how that relationship ended, NetEase went scorched earth

time to rebuild those statues they destroyed lol

Just when Bobby is out the door. What a weird coincidence.