Bing |OT|

A.I. has made Bing awesome.

(Google is probably dead if we’re being honest.)


ChatGPT produces better results, but with Bing’s availability, it could really change the search engine wars.

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I’m just a casual fan that uses it for entertainment so I can’t say for sure which is technically better although Microsoft claims Bing is “more powerful than ChatGPT.”

Honestly I’m so tired of trying to use Chat GPT and have it tell me it’s busy / over capacity. If Bing works consistently then I would argue Bing is superior on just being available.

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Bing could be powerful. What I noticed is ChatGPT is bad at producing sources. ChatGPT also works with information which may be from 2021, from what I have seen within my domain of knowledge. It doesn’t seem to learn in real time or pull from live information. Bing seems to search the Web and be able to interpret that information, but when it has a hard time, it can be a little whiney.

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Yeah I’m deleting from my list of favorites. I know it sounds hyperbolic (god I hate that word) but Google really is dead.

This is such a monumental shift in tech and I can’t believe how few people are talking about. Sure Chat GPT got plenty of “talk” but it was always busy/ over capacity that it was never going to be mainstream.

Bing works.

The future is now… just kind of surprised how few people have noticed.


This ought to be entertaining.

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The browser/search market is big. Google has a monopoly now. Any share that Bing can get is good.

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So it’s pretty exciting that ChatGPT is powering Bing now so I decided to test it out a bit by asking it to write a Star Trek / Star Wars crossover. Admittedly a nerdy thing to do but hey Bing is open to everyone so you guys do you and try it out yourself if it’s not your thing :laughing:

Okay so my thoughts are that this tech is absolutely amazing. Yes it’s very exposition heavy, but one thing I found hilarious was when data explained worm holes and Picard snapped saying he knows what worm holes are, almost like the a.I. knew it was overloading the exposition.

I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to get a conclusion to the story since it limited me to 15 responses and half of those responses were wasted just asking the a.I. if it was finished yet.

Amazing stuff though, we really are in the future. Now we need some public ability to use deep fake voice actors to read the script. Have a.I. drawing tech to draw up some story boards. Can’t wait to see all of this tech improve in the coming years.

Looks like it was my fault the story didn’t get finished. Apparently you can specify that the a.I. gives you the story all at once. Something to consider for next time. :v:

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I’m finding symmetry to the early days of the internet and the new a.i. revolution…Just a bunch of nerds indulging in our love of Star Wars lol Sure there is lots of potential in the technology but early adaptors just want to chat about Star Wars. :peace_symbol:


I tried Bing Chat to find me some data about video games released on Game Pass and sort it by date. AI couldn’t find anything useful, just a link to some website where part of the data is listed as part of the Top 10 Chart. Maybe version 5.0 will do something more lol.

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