Best games of 2021 (according to Meta Critic)


They also release similarly designed graphics for best movies and shows, as well as release calendars. If you like that kind of thing, you might want to check out their subreddit: deaddinos

Some relevant stats:

  • Available on Xbox: 12
  • Available on PlayStation: 14
  • Available on Switch: 9
  • Available on PC: 19
  • Xbox/PC exclusive: 3
  • PlayStation/PC exclusive: 4
  • Switch/PC exclusive: 6
  • PC exclusive: 2
  • Xbox exclusive: 0
  • PlayStation exclusive: 2
  • Switch exclusive: 4

Note: This only includes games with 15 or more reviews.


Great stats and everything for Xbox.

For me personally, out of those 25 games, I only completed 2 of them. And played one other which was Returnal. It’s funny, MC/OC means so little to me as I normally play the lower games and love them where as most of the higher games either aren’t for me or I don’t really care for them. lol

But awesome for Xbox. My prediction has been that Microsoft will not release a game under an 80 MC/OC. I believe that those days are gone.

Damn, PC really is the way to go. 19/25 normally available and 23/25 if you jump through some hoops and rip your Switch games and such.

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Yeah, looking at raw numbers, if you want to go with just the one platform, PC is the best choice. If you’re OK with two platforms, it’s PC and Switch. For three, it’s PC, Switch, and PlayStation.

When you factor in other considerations, the choice obviously becomes more personal. How much do you value portable gaming? If a lot, then Switch or Xbox are the obvious choices. Do you want to have a straightforward, convenient and relatively inexpensive way to game? Then consoles are probably more interesting to you and PC less so. Any particular exclusives you can’t live without? Well, that’s going to direct you one way or another. Etc, etc.

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In regards to PC being the best platform for gaming: It’s been said that Microsoft Flight Simulator has less than impressive sales on Steam. Flight Simulator is a demanding game when it comes to PC. Most Steam users probably don’t have a setup that can play the newest games that will have minimum requirements beyond their setups. With Microsoft leaving behind last gen starting with 2022; could this be a year where PC will take awhile to catch up? Minimum specs are about to leave the majority of PC gamers a generation behind, at least temporarily.

Nah. I’ll never go pc only.

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IL go with Xbox and switch and use playstation for exclusives. Xbox for all multiplats and the bulk of my gaming

I’ve never been a pc gamer. Never will be. I prefer consoles.

I used to be a PC only gamer. It sucks. It’s expensive, rarely works properly, cheaters everywhere, community are elitist and fight over freaking launchers, spend more time troubleshooting and adjusting settings than playing games etc. etc. Blergh.

Now I’m on Xbox 90% of the time, use PS for exclusives and have a Switch collecting dust. I play more games than ever, and spend less money than ever doing it.


I’m all Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. No interest in PC gaming or Switch.

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This pretty much echos my experience. I came from consoles (NES) and switched to PC in 1993. Stayed exclusive with PC for five years, at which point I started dabbling in console gaming (PS1) but was still mostly PC. Then when the Xbox launched I jumped ship entirely and haven’t looked back.

My situation was a little different than today, in that in the mid-to-late nineties there wasn’t nearly as much overlap in title availability as there is today. So switching from consoles to PC meant pretty much abandoning one set of exclusives for another (with a few exceptions) but those technology and cost complaints quoted above were still true. With the additional one of not (easily) being able to hook a PC up to a TV, not to mention the lack of wireless mice/keyboards/controllers, so comfortable living room gaming was pretty much unavailable to PC gamers. Even more so if you weren’t willing to accept a big, beige monstrosity sitting next to your TV, which I wasn’t.

At any rate, even though some of that has now changed, there’s no way I’m going back. I’m loving console gaming, and there’s SO much good stuff out there, that I’m not losing any sleep over missing out on a few titles that are exclusive to one platform or another.


You don’t really believe this right? Obviously Microsoft will release games within the 60-79 range. Games such as Minecraft Dungeons or Battletoads will continue to be made.

Oh yeah, I would never. Just noting the startling breadth of content they can access.

This is the killer for me. I spend most of my days troubleshooting shit as it is, I don’t need that hassle when I’m trying to relax. Not that consoles are perfect lol:

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Outside of a throwaway game like Battletoads or a spin-off to Minecraft, I do believe that Microsoft will not release a game that will score under an 80 on OC. Microsoft delaying Halo Infinite a full year showed me that they’re finally serious when it comes to quality control and don’t want to release major AAA games that are mediocre.

Even Battletoads and Dungeons are a 73 and 74 on OC respectively so they’re not bad by any means and despite not really being a major focus, still scored well. When I look at all the games they’ve announced, I don’t see a single one of them getting under an 80 unless a few critics want to be assholes and give the game a 4 or some shit that lowers the overall score. Other than that, no way.

Take this year for example, I don’t see Redfall, Forza Motorsport or Starfield scoring under an 80 on OC. Just no freaking way. But we’ll see. All I can say is that im extremely confident in Microsoft this generation. They’re not perfect but my confidence in the Xbox brand and eco-system is the highest it’s been in over a decade.