Battlefield 2042

Uhhhhhhh, YES PLEASE


I guess that this is how they make-up for no campaign, pretty good.

They canceled the test for ps5 users. Coming in hella hot it looks like.

It’s a technical test. This is how these things work. This build is hived off a long time ago. The thing being tested isn’t the game but the backend systems etc…

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I saw people complaining graphics and Im sure the build was not meant for that lol.

I know what it is. Not a good look when you have to cancel a publicly anounced play test test because of issues. More so when the games out in 2 months.

The game is rough as hell. Not just the backend stuff and optimizations. Would not be surprised to see it slip to February- April.

You aren’t playing the game. You are playing something that existed 6 maybe more months ago. You say you know what it is then start calling it the game. The game right now is a completely different thing to this.

Not a good look…it’s an under NDA technical test. These things happen all the time. You literally don’t see it because they are smaller scale. This would normally be behind closed doors. Reason it’s not is the high player count. But what’s being played here is something that happens for every game but the public never see it. You really shouldn’t say you know what this is when it’s clear you do not.

You have no idea how long ago the build was cut off.

Anytime someone says that a game is coming in hot people freak out. The fact is the games supposed to come out in two months and they have barely even shown the game. Leaks look ROUGH.

The fact that they are doing a tech test that runs this porely 2 months out from release is what looks bad. They should have been doing this in spring.they should be going gold in a few weeks. Relax, it’s just a game. I’m not attacking just saying it could get delayed which is fine if it does. Plenty of stuff to play.

You are basing your opinion off a technical test. That’s the issue. This will have absolutely no relation to the final game. There is a beta next month. That’s when we will see the state it’s in. But you literally can’t tell a thing from this. Certainly not about the state the game is or isn’t in. It’s not a sound check it’s the bloke walking onstage to check the power to the mic.

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I disagree to a certain extent. It at the very least shows where the main game was 2-4 months ago when this build was made.

There’s probably a reason why the game has barely been shown and we are to months out. Ya sometimes there’s exceptions to that rule, but most of the time it tell everyone the state of the game.

I understand your perspective, and will lay off the game till we see non NDA’d gameplay.

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The build is months old.

This is an actual tech test for the crossplay system, not a polished up demo like next month’s will be. If next month’s open beta looks/runs like absolute crap then you can go “huh, dang”. Hell look at the Avengers beta/demo one month before launch, it ran/looked far worse than the full launch did 3 or 4 weeks later. Seriously, we go through this far too often where people flip out over seeing what games actually look like before going gold.


The fact that some games will show off curated vertical slices doesn’t mean their playable version is polished. Games come together in the last few months. It’s why MS still thought HI could land last year right up to the summer because it’s usual to have a game a few months out that is rough.

Anyway why not come back in September and we will see what happens. Given my experience with other BF games I suspect that the beta will again be a big jump to the full game.

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Yep this. I mean it’s clear many features are deliberately disabled in this. It’s literally just to test the servers and crossplay functionality.

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Ya like I said.

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What I was implying is that it’s normal. He stated that the build dated from the 29th of july, but that was not when the build was actually made.

3-4 months is a very old build. I think at this point in development, builds are made on a daily basis. Obviously, they want people to play the more stable build, so they had to cut some features that are not ready and reduce some of the stress the engine put on the hardware.

Some stuff are finalized in the last month, sometimes just weeks/days before launch. That’s just how it is.

Like cooking, everything comes out hot. Especially today. We should worry about launch day, not months before.

If this is a serious spoiler in any way feel free to remove.

Just waiting for xbox to put the damn punch card up so I can preorder

Punch card?

Not sure what you mean by that, but I already was able to pre-order it a couple days ago