Battlefield 2042 delayed

It’s delayed a month. And the point is the technical test that was played was likely 5 months or so behind the build it was hived off from.

When it was played is not all that relevant because development on it was frozen at a certain point in time. And you don’t know when that was.

If the tech test represented the position of the actual final build the one months delay is irrelevant. And it’s clear that an NDA’d tech test is not what you think it is. It’s not representative of the final game.

EA should have learned that putting a year or anything time related in your title means it should necessarily get delayed at least once.

Cyberpunk 2077, Deathloop, doom eternal, Halo Infinite, etc

Not really a delay is it. Instead of October we’re releasing in November. I mean it’s the same quartet. A significant delay would be to next year

Why? The casuals will flock to cod as always. Makes 0 sense. I have no interest in either tbh but if I had to choose it would be BF. Then again I’d choose a piece of bubble gum over COD these days.

I don’t think so BF2042 is getting major hype wile Vanguard is WW2 setting that a turn off i think BF2042 would totally destroy Vanguard if they release the same day.

No it wouldn’t. Let’s be real here. BF will be the better game but it’s not outselling COD on the same day.

People are letting their hype cloud their judgement.

I would love BF to outsell cod. Cod is dead to me. But that’s not happening. Look at the last BF games numbers.

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You are forgetting what i said Vanguard is WW2 style wile 2042 is modern/futuristic. The last BF games were you guess it WW1 and WW2 wile COD is modern now they are reverse.

The best selling battlefield game ever probably sold way less than the worst selling call of duty from the last 10 years

Thats irrelevant. At no point will 2042 outsell COD

Now if 2042 is this amazing game and Vangard sucks shit then next year the next BF may have a chance to outsell COD. Black Ops Cold war was garbage yet sold a shit ton.

A lot of people are all rooting for 2042(i’m not because I rather Halo be the King of FPS this fall) but out of those 2 games…yeah 2042 looks infinitely more interesting. I hope it does well. But In reality it doesn’t have the recognition or userbase of a COD.

I am hoping the whole Activision Scandals will help decrease COD sales significantly. But people see COD on a box and throw money at it.

There is no way a WW2 COD will beat out a 2042 BF no way people are getting sick and tired of COD they read to move to Battlefield.

Naah CoD is like Pokémon right now.

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Doesn’t matter what COD is how bad it is or whatever it will outsell a Battlefield game comfortably. And I’m a massive BF fan and am comfortable in saying it is every installment a better game than COD. But that doesn’t matter.

I’m still concerned about this game though - is it basically chasing COD and BR style and losing what makes BF special?

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I want BF to beat CoD this year too, but it’s not going to happen. It’s 2 very different games.

Halo is going to be bigger than the both of them.

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ehh I still reckon it won’t, but I’m hopeful. Problem with Halo is its not a global brand like CoD (and to a lesser degree BF), but its F2P nature might give it an edge. Halo over Warzone tho? Not happening, sorry.

It’s F2P and Vanguard’s beta is getting trashed by everyone. BF will be unplayable and completely broken for a month, like with every BF launch.

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hmm guess we’ll just have to wait and see, yeah. This BTB flight soon bout to be lit tho, thats for sure

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Thats the problem. People aren’t getting tired. Some people are. I got tired after Black Ops 2. The last COD game I enjoyed and had time for. But people still play this redundant franchise and buy it in drones.

Also why did titanfall 2 sell so poorly when its better than Every Post 360/PS3 Era COD game combined?

And lets get something straight about BF2042. Its a 60-70 Dollar Multiplayer Only FPS. The idea that its going to be this phenomenon is delusional. If it was Free to play and was as good as its being hyped up to be…sure.

2042 is what BFV should have been. Its a little too late for BF to come out and start talking about Dethroning COD.

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Potentially due to Gamepass. First ever Halo to launch on PC and Xbox day 1. Its going to be a big deal.

Halo is the only one I’m going to play or put time on. that’s for sure. BF might be something I check out in a years time when its on EA play.

While I agree, we have a long way to go until any FPS dethrones COD, no matter how shitty COD continues to be. I disagree that BF2042’s issue is that it has no single player. Most BF players didn’t even play the past games single player. It’s popular BECAUSE of it’s addictive MP. And this time around with what they’re doing with bots and Portal mode, there will be plenty of stuff single player peeps can do in 2042 and it looks much more interesting and fun than their campaigns ever were.

Also, aren’t you the one always whining about multiplayer games becoming so prevalent? I don’t think you’d ever think one was “phenominal” regardless of what any of the rest of think. So why are you so focused on games like this right now? Is it just to shit on them?