Audio setup Question

So, I’ve attached a small old Hitachi hifi system to my TV because the audio from the TV is pretty terrible and sometimes I dont feel like using headphones.

Theres 2 ways to connect the hifi

They way im currently doing is by using a red and white RCA cable to 3.5mm jack on the TV.

The other option is to get a DAC converter like this

And use my TVs optical audio out into the DAC and then a RCA cable to the hifi.

Will this method produce better results then using the tvs 3.5mm output to RCA?

I’d probably just go the headphone jack to RCA adapter thing. Seems the cheapest and simplest.

The adapter will be the cheapest, but an omission is the quality of the speakers (I’m unfamilar with Hitachi home systems). However, from beginner experience with DACs (based on initial recommendations from a THX certified home theater team that built my in-home system) I could definitely tell an improvement with a DAC in-line (via headphones). Also, the TV optical out will provide a better source signal for the DAC to reproduce. If you want to look into the various versions of DACs, here’s a recommended company provided by the same THX crew: (I hope posting a relevant link outside the forum is ok? Haven’t read yet that it’s not.)

In the end, though, what’s your goal in ROI? I.E. price to performance.

I hope this helps provide options for you to think about!

A DAC will add the benefit of isolating the sound from any potential interference. Not familiar with Hitachi overall, but I’d try out the cheapest option first and only upgrade if you dont find it satisfactory. Audio is a thing where you can quickly plummet down the rabbit hole chasing a dragon eternally. For your own sanity, just judge with your own ears and enjoy your media of choice.

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Very true! I’ve stepped in to this rabbit hole repeatedly! Mine is due to a minor hearing deficiency so I am always chasing just a bit more detail and clarity to compensate.

Thanks for the replies.

My main goal is just to have better sound then the terrible TV ones.

Ive tried it with a 3.5mm to RCA and it sounds really good, im going to test it again today but I think im gonna save some money and just stick with it. Its great for my needs.