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lol, I actually hit this last night. I’ve encountered it a few times. Maybe ~12 times over the last 2 years of ownership. Very annoying and loud when it happens, but hasn’t been frequent enough to warrant any buyer remorse or desire to switch to a different speaker option. Hopefully Sonos is able to isolate and address with a software update.


Ok, that’s good to know. That should not keep me from buying either a Beam 2 or Arc. I feel like I could go for a Beam 2, but later maybe regret it and wishing I’d had spent a bit extra for the Arc. Because Arc actually has upfiring speakers, right? The top is open while closed on the Beam 2.

Correct. While the second generation of the Beam has been updated to be able to support Atmos, it didn’t change the speaker layout to support height effects via upfiring speakers. The Arc was designed from the start to fully support Atmos, including height effects via upfiring speakers. It’s well worth the premium from the Beam to the Arc (IMO).

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Plus that some people on Ebay like sites sell them for 750 euros or so, new in the box. So if that comes with a receit too…that is a damn good deal.

Oh as for the Atmos pop. From what I am reading is that only the actual Atmos supported games have that pop. Dude on Neogaf said he was playing Halo and had that loud pop twice within an hour of playing. He disabled Atmos for fear of damaging the speaker otherwise. So it seems like the tons of non Atmos supported games are fine.

Yeah i just want some more low end in my pc set up

Nothing snazzy lol

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Has anyone heard anything about possibly some 2022 model year AVRs? Or are we pretty much stuck with what’s already available that is mostly 2021 products?

In what regards? Proper 120hz/VRR support? If so, the Denon 760H actually supports both and is a budget model. I picked one up a few months back, and while it’s got one less HDMI port than I needed and technically less wattage per channel than my old 2016 Onkyo (which is infamous for bloating power numbers), it’s been absolutely stellar for my 5.1 system.

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I was wondering if maybe Denon had a roadmap for 2022 models. I know the recommended Denon models are mostly the 2021 model years which is the 760H and 1700H. I’m not sure what they would even improve on newer models. I’m mainly looking at it from the aspect of having more consumer choices and maybe pushing prices down a little.

I’m rocking a Sonos Beam Gen 2 along with the Ikea bookshelf speakers in the back; waiting for that cheaper Sonos Subwoofer to come out to finish my setup. Quite surprised by the Sonos stuff, sounds good enough for me and while the Arc seemed nice, I don’t have a huge living room and didn’t think doubling the price would be worth it on the sound bar.

I rock a Audio-Technica vinyl player with a set of Edifiers R1280T speakers for when I’m in the mood for some lossless music in a more traditional form. I’ve started collecting gaming soundtracks not too long ago and really got hooked, spending a few thousand dollars already (some of those out of print albums don’t come for cheap) and no end in sight lol!

As for Headphones, I rock some Airpod Pros for the gym although they are starting to fail me and will probably get replaced by some Beats. I also have Beats Wireless for late night bed viewing on my phone, and for my PC and Xbox Series X when I need to keep it quiet at night, I use Steel Series 1X wireless headset. They sound decent enough and are super light and feel sturdy to me.