Atlas Fallen - "Rise from Dust" Gameplay Reveal Trailer


Looks good. Was hoping for a longer gameplay trailer but seems like they have an in-depth video coming Friday so im hoping they show more of the game since it’s only two months away.


Like what I’m seeing, I do have to wonder if we will get a character creator or are we just getting the 2 characters shown off at the end.

Pretty sure it’s two preset characters. One male and one female.

This game feels like what Forespoken should have been. Looks really interesting. FOCUS might just be on a role to become the next big publisher. Their games have been quite good.


Seems there is a lot of new gameplays from youtubers that have played over 5hours of it. (6) NEW GAMEPLAY Atlas Fallen | Upcoming RPG Monster Hunter with INSANE GRAPHICS 4K 2023 - YouTube (6) Atlas Fallen (probably) isn’t what you expected - Hands on Impressions - YouTube.

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