Arx Fatalis, original Xbox game developed by Arkane Studios, was rated in Brazil... 19 years later

Unpopular Choice:

Fallout Brotherhood of Steel.

Sure it’s bad, but now it’s apart of Xbox IP it shouldn’t be a problem.

Remember playing this on PC and the combat felt good, but did this game age well do we think?

Otogi GOTTA be there right?

It’s a From Game by Sega right?

Yep. Self published by From in Japan, published by Sega in the West. Doubt either of those pose any sort of problem. I played the first one on my OG Xbox last year and it unexpectedly played like a pretty good DBZ-sorta game. You can infinitely fly around these sandbox-like maps and send enemies flying through destructible buildings and into the ground which creates craters. It does have some real stinker levels though, and of course, being From, it starts to get really hard near the end, with the final boss being pretty cheap feeling (there are REALLY good boss fights in this game though. The Crimson King boss being super memorable). Took me quite a lot of attempts, but at least every attempt on him is right at the start of the fight instead of running through a level again (penultimate level is this insanely hard boss rush :tired_face:).

I do not have the sequel, so I really hope it gets added to the digital store.

This is gem of an RPG. Puzzle elements, atmosphere and sound effects are top. Don’t know how the Xbox version is but this game was buggy and had balancing issues on PC. The biggest problem was Morrowind. It released few month after Morrowind and nobody cared about it.