Arkane's Deathloop Delayed to Q2 2021

Won’t be on Xbox for awhile (timed PS5 exclusive), but I still figured this was major enough gaming news.

I said this when Halo was delayed, but I don’t expect this to be the last title pushed to 2021.

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Yeah, we’re definitely going to see more of this.

Leadership troubles at Arkane? Too much outsourcing? :wink:


Cant play this til 2022 now

Well, I didn’t even know the game was scheduled to release this year.

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Like you said, I expect more of these for more titles. I’m not even confident for Call of Duty this year, seeing as the development was apparently troubled with only two years instead of three for Treyarch, and the pandemic doing the rest.

Hell, I keep seeing people refer to games like Gotham Knights or the Demon’s Souls remake as launch titles, and if games that have already been teased as 2020 games are slipping; there’s no way in hell those games are hitting launch. Things are going to be pretty barren on both platforms.

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Yeah well this is one of the games I will never buy anyways, hate the moneyhatting crap when it’s big publishers doing it.

Exactly, development is really complicated right now for everybody, and the gaming community has to accept that things are different right now, like in every industries.

Yup, it’s COVID-19 season and there’s gonna be a lot more painful delays surely. Best come in with the expectations that most big games will not make the year if they were supposed to, and be happy when they do. The summer is actually seeing quite the onslaught of quality games: The Last of Us 2, Flight Simulator, Rocket Arena, TrackMania, Hyper Scape, and hopefully Serious Sam 4 and Battletoads turn out well too.

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I will be amazed if the game will launch in a polished state if it does come out. Halo Infinite has been getting all the attention recently but it sounds just as bad at Treyach. I mean if the rumours are to be believed they have had a year development time lost and have to navigate wfh. Yeah, I wish that studio all the best but that is a tall order.

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To be perfectly honest, im not surprised as I have been saying 2021 for Deathloop and Ghostwire Tokyo since the PS5 showcase in June. They need more time and to be honest, releasing either game in the Holidays would end up being a disaster because they would bomb and flop. Both games need to be released in a dead month because outside of Fallout, Elder Scrolls and Doom, vast majority of Bethesda’s games barely break even.

No interest in either game personally so luckily, none of it affects me whatsoever but I would have preferred The Evil Within 3 over Ghostwire Tokyo but it is what it is.

Sometimes it’s nice to have this huge backlog of mine. It often stresses me out, but I’m definitely not too worried about delays of games anymore. I wonder how it would feel though if I was “caught up” and relied on new releases?

Man, I see people thinking Demon Souls/Ratchet are launch titles. I guess the big “Pre-Alpha Footage” text at the bottom left of the gameplay video for Ratchet went over peoples heads lol


At this point, I just wish for Activision to do the right thing and delay the game if it is not ready, but something tells me they don’t really care about that.

Yeah, I’ve been confused by the Ratchet narrative. “Pre-Alpha” usually means “Tech Demo”, which is exactly what that was. Doesn’t mean they don’t have a good chunk of the game finished, but it gave me the impression that Ratchet wasn’t coming out until 2022.

Me too, because two years worth of development for AAA game in this day and age is nothing. They probably won’t though for the simple fact CoD has a bigger impact to the overall Activision Blizzard quarterly and yearly financials.

Yeah, this is the main reason why I think they will outsource even more, and put as much pressure as they can on developers to make it at launch.

Outsource, longer hours for the developers and ultimately cut content and/or delayed content. Similar to the scenarios 343i were facing really.

Bummer, as I was actually excited to play this on PS5, but it’s whatever. Now the team can take the time they need :slight_smile: