Anyone that played Xuan Yuan Sword 7, help needed

I’ve started with this game today and I’m about two hours into the story. I have used the heavy attack several times and the game has been telling me I’ve unlocked several talents. But when I go to the talent menu and then martial art I only see the Ox Stance and all the others are locked. I can’t find any of these unlocked talents.

Also by pressing X during combat I should do a martial art, but nothing happens. And by press LT I should change stance, except this doesn’t happen either. This is starting to look like either a bug or the devs that just fail to explain basic stuff. I’ve tried it all. I’m in the Caiyang area now.

@peter42O I could be wrong but I think you played this?

I played a few hours. It didn’t last long to be honest. I don’t even remember the stances. I just wasn’t into like I thought I would be and decided to wait for Sword & Fairy: Together Forever which is the better game but difference franchise. I played this longer but not by much.

Sorry Staffy. My suggestion would be to just check a walkthrough or guide online.

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