Anyone played the new Yu-Gi-Oh master duel f2p?

I’ve enjoyed Yu-Gi-Oh games in the past but this game not have skill based matchmaking?

Did the tutorial and played my first match against a real player… They got out a monster with over 5000 attack points in their first turn and destroyed me.

How is this fair ? I uninstalled the game after this

My friend is loving the shit outta it. I haven’t played Yu-Gi-Oh in 17 years.

I would play but I’m what would you call a boomer because I haven’t played it in a long time and I am aware of those “new” cards and its effect. I remember being just magic, trap, and monster with flip, special, and ritual. Now they have so much other types, you can practically end the game in 3 turns. So yeah, I’m scared to play. Lol.

This is basically me. I liked yugioh a lot when it first came out. I was probably in 4th grade. But they’ve added too much and I don’t think I could learn all the new stuff

I haven’t played Magic but I like to joke and think it’s more complicated than it now. Unless that’s true…

I’ve never played Magic either but always heard it’s complicated. I’m the same with Hearthstone. I loved it when it first came out but they’ve added too many cards for me to get back in

Aren’t they making a Hearthstone classic? That would be a good way to start off for me.

I would play that