Anyone ever passed a Kidney Stone? It SUCKS

Still not fully passed yet but I think I’m past the most painful part. Had 3 at once. DO NOT RECOMMEND. Drink more water, have less salty foods. Calcium is good for you, not bad like you might have been told.

It’s a miserable experience.

Sounds awful, hope you’re better soon.

yep, it is horrible. Had it 3 times when I was a younger, third time I had to break it with laser treatment, felt like in a torture section. Thankfully never had it again.

Yup, was drugged up and still in pain for a week. The worst experience of my life. I hope you get it passed soon @1up

Fortunately, no.

I drink like 2 gallons of water a day though.

All i drink is water. Sometimes green tea. Avoid too much salty food and such.

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