Anyone else have covid

My wife just tested positive but for now I feel fine. Maybe a slight sore throat but it might be all in my head. The real worry for my is that my 7 month old might have it. Stressed out about it at the moment.

Anyone have it and live to tell the story?

My wife just had it and I’m sure I had it as well. She was sick with what felt like a bad cold and a slight cough for several days and was exhausted for several days after that. She feels fine now though.

I felt like I was getting a bad cold and felt “off” for a few days but that was the worst of it. Just drink plenty of water, take it easy, and pump the vitamin-C. :crossed_fingers:

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Good outcome. How old are you if you don’t mind me asking?

  1. My wife is 36.

Nice thata reassuring

I didn’t myself.

One of my brothers (38) had it. He felt lots of fatigue and lost the sense of taste, but other than that he recovered just fine, without the need of being hospitalized or anything. His wife (40) and his son (7) didn’t have it – or they did have it and were asymptomatics.

Other than the natural care you should take, you should also try not to suffer in anticipation. The children are very strong against this virus and your son will be all right – that’s the thought you have to have on your mind! Try to stay calm and take care of your mind to give your wife all the support she will need.

Get well soon!

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Good to hear. Just got back from kaisers drive thru resting site. My son and I are gonna know in a day or so of we have it then see what happens.

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Best of luck, hope you and your son are fine, and that your wife gets better soon.


Me and my partner went through it between November and December. We’ve been negative for over a month now but the coughing has not completely gone away, and in particular I am extremely tired almost all the time.

My son and I are negitive so I’m over the moon

His mom shouldnt be Contagious much longer so I feel like we dosged a bullet


Awesome news!

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I have it but my symptoms aren’t too bad. I had 2 days of terrible back pain though which i never knew was a symptom. I’m mostly just exhausted all the time.

Get well soon!

How ya doin man

My household is clear of covid now. Neither me nor my son ended up contracting it. My wife just got mild symptoms. Still it was pretty stressful.


I had my first vaccine dose today, got the call this morning. I was SO nervous before but I’m relieved I went.

It was the Pfizer vaccine, my arm is just aching so much and I feel exhausted. There was a lot of older people having it taken, I was the only young person there.

Anyone else had it?

No but my gma inlaw had it. I she’s 79 and a retired nurse.

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