| Prime Day 2020

Starts midnight October 13, 2020 through October 14.

Really need to cop this headset since my wired one is a tangled mess lol

Would you be able to recommend a good wireless headset that can be used for gaming and mobile as well?

I bought the CloudX Stinger Core Xbox Headset. It is a budget Headset with very good reviews.

Its MRSP in Brazil is R$ 329, I paid R$ 205.

I think it is $29.99 in the US.

So for consoles/PC and for a phone? Huh I think you may separate headsets to use your phone/tablet on.

yeah, I guess I was greedy that way. but a man can wish

Anything decent in the uk?

I ordered dark souls trilogy £34, hand hoover £18, atelier ryza £45 (not on sale) and some chocolates for my mum as she is poorly (71 mini bars, £6.99)

Arctis Steelseries 9 for Xbox. It pairs natively to Xbox, bluetooth to phone/tablet, and to PC with Microsoft’s $25 USD adapter.

It’s exactly why I bought this pair for my kid. He can use it for games, school, PC audio, and we can call him when he ignores the Xbox messages… :roll_eyes:

thank you! I’ll see if I can get my hands on one. I hope they ship to Fiji

You bet! I transposed the name on my phone. Here’s a direct link.

Just checked. Alas, neither they nor Amazon ship these bad boys to Fiji. I’ll keep searching

:unamused: Good luck! :wink: