Amazon Cancels Lord of the Rings Game Announced Two Years Ago

What is the conflict with tencent that cause cancelation?

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On topic; we’ll never get that proper big budget Lord of the Rings RPG that we all want. It’s never going to happen :pensive:

I mean, this MMO garbage wasn’t going to be it either. I’m talking in general. The Third Age will forever remain the best LotR game that we ever got. I’ve came to terms with it.

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Tencent wanted a game.

Amazon was on lunch break.

Idk, probably the usual monetization or privacy stuff.

Imagine MS and Sony feeling threatened a couple yearaaago, I think now they are laughing.

If The New World won’t be at least decent, they are done, you can fail a limited number of times in a row in a momentum/hype driven industry like this, expecially if you have not history/brand loyalty attached.

Don’t take amazon lightly. They tend to grind through issues…

What if Tencent is the guilty one here ? We’re jumping to conclusions without knowing the reason behind this cancellation.

I wonder what the dispute is that caused this. I hope we get more info on that soon.

No convincing of Bezos. It comes down from the top.

Read up on everything Amazon Game Studios and then see how Tencent hasn’t impacted other games at all to see which side is likely at fault.

I feel like the best way for a Amazon or google to get into the gaming industry is to go out and buy an activision or EA, Ubisoft, or take two. Not saying I want that to happen but I’m saying it’s the best.

It takes a long time to build up a first party. Like 10 plus years. They put their foot halfway in the door by buying or building mid size studios, then expect the world from them. I don’t think either one of them knows what they are doing at all.

I think that Microsoft might have seen off both Google and Amazon with their push into gaming.

Both companies really went about it the wrong way. They should have set themselves up as game publishers first, as that alone would fit perfectly into their buisness portfolio They should have bought up studios and publishers and become like an EA or Activision. Then if they still wanted to they could have then set up a cloud gaming service, as they would have owned good IP and content for it.

Both companies have the money to buy out several big time publishers and get a foothold into gaming.

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They did buy up solid studios. Amazon picked up Double Helix in 2014. Google picked up Typhoon Studios in 2019. They effectively killed Killer Instinct and Journey to the Savage Planet. Amazon had substantial time to build out. Their issue is the management level starting from the top on down.

Looks to me like Tencent was the cause here. Purchasing the company helping with development and then wanting to renegotiate is a shitty move imo.

That said, I do want Amazon out of the industry, so I’m not bothered by this news.


So, are deals like this open to renegotiation? or was it just Amazon that signed a poor deal with loopholes? This just sounds like Tencent wanting to keep another competitor out of the playing field.

I wonder if MS could have done similar things with Sony’s exclusivity deals but chose not to. Maybe the Indiana Jones deal could be renegotiated as an Xbox exclusive.

Don’t know anything about the Amazon deal to say much on that situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if Tencent had to pay Amazon some money for the broken contract though.

MS could have attempted to change the terms of the contracts for studios like Compulsion Games or Obsidian but it likely would have cost them money and a lot of bad PR. So honoring those contracts was really the best move.

Indiana Jones is a different story. Regardless of the what the terms originally were, the fact that the game was announced after the acquisition announcement and no specific platforms were mentioned leaves the door open to renegotiation without any real public backlash.


When Amazon bought DH in early 2014, KI wasn’t born yet. It was a game without balance, nothing special, just moving characters with matchmaking problems. By October same year, the true game had born by IG. Lived 4 years, Xbox stopped the support “Formerly promised 10 years of support”.

4 years have passed…

If KI didn’t comeback…

Don’t blame anyone but Xbox.

I mean, fighting game studios don’t grow on trees, the contract with Iron Galaxy wasn’t till the end of times and they may not be interested. Even Sony resorted to moneyhats because there is no one outside the historic teams in the gaming industry which make this type of games anymore. I’m not soft with MS wrongdoings, but the KI situation is really bad luck.