AC Valhalla SX Gameplay

Still watching, will update as I go :stuck_out_tongue:

My impressions: Visually it does look like a lot like AC Odyssey, though it’s clearly pushing some settings higher than X.

And 60fps looks odd with constant stutter (doesn’t seem to be the video because the human footage looks smooth)


Wow, looks gorgeous. Not going to buy it straight away for $60, but once it gets a sale, then I’ll definitely be picking this game up.

Can’t find any stutters.

Will wait for DF review anyways!

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Beautiful. Can’t wait to play this on my 4K oled :smiley:

I noticed it too, but only at the part where they zoom out showing the landscape, didn’t seem like gameplay. Gameplay itself seems smooth.

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Looks dang good on the XSX

Someone has posted Dfeed screenshots and the game looks absolutely incredible.

This super compressed video made no justice to the graphics

There are a lot more in the link


Those are from XSX?

Damn what a difference with the footage, indeed.

Best quality video so far is Jack Frags


Yes, the guy that posted has been sharing SX videos all day.

Insane. And as I’m playing Odyssey on X right now, quite above at the X settings

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Yes it’s absolutely crazy how good it looks in the shots. The lighting in those shots with foliage is superb. I didn’t see that in the footage yet, not in the official video either. Probably a case of time of day in the game. Does he have a YouTube channel?

I wish I had finished Origins and Odyssey so that I could get ACV. Well, I could, but I really should finish those first,

Wow bring on Tuesday god damn!

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Saw footage from several Tubers and here and there out of the blue I noticed very brief hiccups when they were panning the camera. Kinda like Witcher 3 at launch but not nearly as bad. Every now and then it seeks to occur.

Yeah. Seeing that consistently in all footage too.

I think VRR is going to be a God sent

Seeing it has huge frame drops on a 2080ti even so not a surprise if there are a few hitches on console.

Valhalla looks amazing and of course will look even better when playing it on your own setup. I pre-ordered the Digital Gold Edition yesterday so im ready!!!