A new SEC filing details the timeline of the ActivisionBlizzardKing acquisition - The Verge

Read exactly how Microsoft’s $68.7 billion deal for Activision Blizzard came together - The Verge

Lots to break down in this article, not copying here as they deserve a click for their reporting. This image is in it from the filing.


Hope that’s an old Pic in the article, if not Phil needs a new TV

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One thing about Phil, is that he has an excellent relationship with all the big western third party execs. They really seem to like him.

Apparently 5 other companies were interesged in Activision-Blizzard

Do you think sony was at least made aware that activision was up for sale during the shopping around period?

Yes they were probably company E


If i had to guess Companies A-D were Meta, Amazon, Google, Tencent and Company E is Sony.

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I really can’t see Google getting back in after shedding all of their in house development


Guessing in this situation is pointless and just leads to hundreds of posts of people yelling at each other about who they think each company was.


This is true

This is me making a light joke that Sony is broke

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If it was Sony, people should blame their worship leader to fail on buying it instead of Evil Microsoft for actually have money.

Phil and Satya are the ultimate tag team.


What ? The document is 206 pages ? Is it supposed to be public ?

They normally are.


That’s super interesting to read. Seems like Company D was too slow to act ? (or MS too fast)

Could a company still outbid MS after this or is this an exclusive agreement ? Because I didn’t know that there could be competition like this for acquiring a public company behind the scenes. I thought it was happening once the public knows.

I wish we had the same behind-the-scenes with Bethesda.

I dont think so, considering MS has already started filing paperwork and handing everything over to the FTC that they need. This wont be a codemasters situation again lol


Or Fox x Disney. Outcast choose to outbid Disney some months after then Disney had to up their offer.


I doubt anything would change and if so, Microsoft will go higher to make sure they’ll get it. Besides, all the paperwork and etc. are in placed to make sure the deal is seal and now fighting for approval.

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Some interesting tibits in there, especially that one of the potential suitors was an individual lol. I mean there are not that many people in the world with that kind of money to spend. It is also interesting that company E seemed to be only interested in acquiring one of the companies.