2D ARPG 'Metal Mind' Comes to Xbox Consoles December 28

Originally published at: 2D ARPG 'Metal Mind' Comes to Xbox Consoles December 28 - XboxEra

Developer Whirllaxy and publisher E-Home Entertainment have announced that the developer’s latest 2D action role-playing game ‘Metal Mind’ will be coming to Xbox consoles on the 28th of December. You can pre-order the game on the Xbox Store with a 10% discount right now.

Background of the story:

Events unfold in a sci-fi world where humans have been able to build self-developing artificial intelligences that have managed to realize themselves. As they make their way through the game, players will encounter an anthropomorphic AI, an organization made up of politicians, scientists, engineers, and agents. They all have one thing in common: they believe that robots should not have intelligence and self-awareness. So they outlawed them and started hunting androids.

Game features:

The Betrayal of AI: Seeking Free Will

AWC, an organization of politicians, scientists, engineers and secret agents, believes that robots should not have wills of their own. They have begun rounding up robots all over the world to deprive them of sentience and enslave them. As an awakened robot, you will embark on a journey of resistance in your search for the liberation of your kind.

Mecha Transformations: Make the Ultimate War Machine of Your Own

Equip your body, core and actuator parts with over 100 weapons to equip. Create your own build with multiple modifications including heat, weapon spin speed, cooldown, power, armor pieces and more. Use your creation to turn this small robot into a lethal monster weapon!

Weapons Galore, All Guns Blazing!

Shoulder cannon? Full-body defensive blast armor? 130mm naval artillery? We’ve got it all… Even a catsuit, everything you can imagine (* ̄3 ̄)╭

Machinery Dynamics + Roguelike: Tons of Builds

Random item drops, non-random modifications. No gains without hard work and no blind development. Your fate is in your own hands, let science guide your quest for strength! Remember: not all modifications are beneficial! (But at least you might learn something about machinery dynamics)

Resist the Overlords! Slay the Inquisitor!

Gorillas, brains, bombers… Challenge “overseers” of robot society, drive out the “wicked hounds,” breach “security” and deliver the killing blow to the Final Inquisitor!

Have a gander at the gallery (pulled from the Steam page) below for more details on Metal Mind.