20 + 117 + 70 = $340

So, this happened earlier:


Another all-time high for MS stock.

I have no clear evidence that this is related to the Xbox 20th birthday party + Halo MP (117) + 70 new games on BC, but it can’t hurt. Gamers are happy. Investors are happy. I’m both. I’m happy. :grinning:

From great hardware to Game Pass, from MFS to FH5, Gaming at MS is firing on all cylinders right now. And Halo is here to finish the fight (and the year).


Piers Harding-Rolls, from Ampere Analysis, said [that Halo Infinite] was already setting records for player numbers on a Microsoft game on PC, though there were complaints about the levelling system being “slow-paced and potentially frustrating”.

But because it was free to play, it could be used “as a promotional tool for the launch of the campaign version of the game… and for sign-ups to Microsoft’s subscription service, Game Pass, which will include the premium version of the game at launch”.

“A substantial audience alongside the full suite of in-game monetisation that is being deployed suggests it also has a strong chance of being the most commercially successful Halo multiplayer ever,” Mr Harding-Rolls added.


2.55 Trillion (2550 Billion)

  • 3 trillion by february
  • 4 trillion by starfield
  • 10 trillion by gears 6
  • 20 trillion by TES VI
  • 50 trillion by Indiana Jones

Buy something before 3T

fixed it for you .

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