14 minutes of fresh gameplay for The Medium, coming out January 28th. EDIT : The video is available!

For those wanting to see a bit more about the game, here is the gameplay :


Man, nobody downloaded it? :smiley:

Don’t know, I just saw that.

There it is.


Thanks !


Watch the first few minutes and yeah, the game isn’t for me but im hoping it’s good and those who play it enjoy it.

Was this captured on Series X?

Like others have said i also see alan wake and silent hill influences, it looks kiinda old school but mixed with something new. Its coming along nicely, i dont think I would buy it, but thats the beauty of gamepass.


Just skipped around a bit to see how it looks. Cannot freaking wait for this! Looks good to me. Little over 3 weeks left!


Vibes of Silent Hill and Alan Wake. Those are some compliments!


Looks interesting, I’ll definitely give it a try. The atmosphere and music look pretty awesome, I’m not sold on the visuals and gameplay but we’ll see.

Is this game using raytracing shadows? Some really small details seem to be casting shadows even when there are more than one light source at play.

Animation could use some more work and the framerate seems not quite there as well, but a promising look overall.

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I think there were mentions of Ray-Tracing.

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Well, I hope the gameplay and story are good. Visuals are really lacking.

Visuals are good for the budget they have, this is no AAA game and it is fine.

Fair enough, I should have instead said that it doesn’t look impressive technically. I guess that gets offset by the fact that they’re rendering two scenes.

I dont get what you people mean half the time when you complain about visuals for every game. Lets just say every game thats not from Naughty Dog or Santa Monica garbage looking.

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I don’t get it either, they never made an impression it is going to be a AAA game with big visual effects, and I still find it quite good for the resources they had.

Like the art direction looks incredible.