12 Minutes - XboxEra Developer Interview / Q&A (spoilers)

Hey folks!

I have the distinct pleasure to sit down on Monday and chat with Luis Antonio, creator of 12 Minutes and ask him all sorts of thing about the game, design, working with the actors, how he feels now its launched and so on.

It will be a spoiler filled discussion, so drop your questions here about the game and I’ll do my best to get them answered!



I haven’t finished it yet but so far feel that he’s handled the time-loop theme really well and with an interesting story. I’m interested to know if there’s another popular theme in media that he would like to tackle next.

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What is so wrong with incest ? :laughing:


My one and only question - Why did they not add a “Help/Hint” button? :joy:

Awesome game and concept and I wish the dev much success, but I can’t figure out what to do to save my life (lol, literally in the game).

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In what way has the extra attention from being front and center on Microsoft shows and Xbox Game Pass impacted you personally? I can imagine it’s great to have so many eyes on your project, but it must’ve been a little stressful too.

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Does he feel the interactivity with some elements in the game that don’t lead to any story progression causes friction with players unable to figure out the next piece? How did they choose to balance what clues to give in dialogue and what the player should do?

I followed a guide because I interacted with just about every possible item or outcome, trying to see what happens, but a ton of them didn’t matter. Like, prying open the grates and placing the keys inside. Opening the toilet and putting the pills or a phone in there. Smashing the flower pot.

Turned out I needed to use the thunder as the second piece of evidence that he is in the time loop. I know now she says she wasn’t expecting rain when it first happens, but that time waster of like 45 minutes doing nothing but dying lead me to “give up” and spoil it. I guess that’s how a lot of point and clicks go, though.

I loved it and it made me crave for more

Im sure it’s far too early to be discussing your next game but is the time loop concept something you’d like to continue?

Also it must be cool to see veterans and creators like Hideo Kojima praise your game

Will you make a more ambitous game in the future with the same concept or do you have other ideas in mind?

What was the hardest part of the dev of this game & how did you went through it?

How was it to work at Rockstar Games & are you hyped for GTA VI? :stuck_out_tongue:

Friendly bump on this one (as it’s being recorded later tonight!)

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Is the story something that happens in the mind of the Main character depending on what he chooses to do at the end?

Is it coincidence that the Father and the Cop share the same voice actor?

Why is the girl called Bumblebee…

How awesome was Willem Dafoe? :slight_smile:

Once I finished the game and all the endings I still had so many questions! Is there any plans to do some sort of directors commentary playthrough?

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I strongly suspect this is happening with the main char. He is trying to process the trauma in his head over and over again.

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I can kinda would get the angle of him pondering all the possibilities of what could happen depending on the dialogue choice with the father of the end.

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Yeah I think this is right. The paintings on the wall change throughout the game, which shows it isn’t entirely ‘logical’ cause/effect in the game. I actually LOVE the idea of the main char remember his past in ways that are natural and where it isn’t sign posted beforehand that he has some past to uncover like every other game in that vein. It’s like the main char is the world’s most unreliable narrator and I fucking LOVE that!

This would be awesome to see actually!

@Sikamikanico I would ask him how it feels to have such high praise for the game from Kojima of all ppl. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was able to prove the time loop without using the thunder (though I did think about it). Maybe some of that stuff that seems unnecessary is just different methods to establish progress somehow? And as padding of course.

I assumed that it was a pet name from her dad and not her legal name.

As for questions, I’d like to know what influenced the script. Not the loop aspect, but the dramatic human element. Did they come up with the loop idea first, or the story that unfolds?

So yeah, I’m off the mind this “game” doesn’t actually happen.

It’s an interactive art house flick.

The biggest give away RIGHT AWAY is the fact that the hallway of the apartment building shares the exact same floor pattern as the Overlook Hotel from The Shining

That’s not a coincidence.

It’s a big metaphor for the perfect life and dealing with guilt and trauma.

I THIK I like it, but sometimes that usually happens when I’m torn about arthouse flicks.

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@Sikamikanico it might be too late but tell them that I noticed the floor pattern is the same from the Shining.

I fucking love The Shining.


Props on that opening. That is fantastic.


This was a great watch! I really enjoyed the insights into this weird but great game. More interviews like this, please! :slight_smile: