10 minutes of Starfield's soundtrack + new concept arts revealed


That first artwork, could that be the interior of this?

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Concept art looks amazing. I wonder why they went with a comparatively less visually interesting trailer for the reveal?

There would not show the game. They went with in game teaser. Also played with main suite.

Ok wow that Inon Zur commentary was cringe af. lol Music sounds great tho!

Definitely feeling some John Williams in this, and that’s a great thing. Sounds great, I’m hype

It sounds like something between Fallout and Star Wars

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It has to!

I was also reminded of The Outer Worlds theme

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This game is surely getting it’s own movie/show within next 5 years. Already has all the signs of a billion $ franchise.

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Todd said the tone of the game is very important to him and tthat they make the music first. When the music matches the tone they want for it they build the game using the music as inspiration.

So what does Starfield Suite tell you about the game?

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Relatively early days of space travel where there’s still so much mystery in the universe, so many discoveries to be made. It also gives me vibes of grand political conspiracies overarching the story and regarding secrets of the universe.


Seeing this kind of artwork makes me wonder if we’re actually going to be piloting these ourselves, would be amazing.

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Pretty much how Todd described the game at E3: A sense of wonder and mystery but also danger.

I hope Starfield gets released before the cutoff date for TGA.

The trailer hinted at that, but It could be something more like Jedi Fallen Order with you in the cockpit with some psuedo controls. I doubt it’s something like Star Citizen.

Starfield is in its own class so let’s not compare it to others. It’s a brainchild of Todd with years in the making.

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I’m just talking about piloting the starships.