1.2 - 1.4 million Xbox Series X|S sold on launch day!


Very cool. Somewhere else on twitter I read that series x and S sold 155k on launch day in UK. That’s 5k or so more than Xbox one and Interestingly enough, majority of those were Series S and not the X unlike everywhere else where X was bought more.

Vgchartz though.

Don’t they pretty much make up numbers?


Thought it was the opposite and that Series X was actually 2/3 of the sales in the UK? But the number you give is what I’ve seen as well.

Also, this.

What I saw estimated was 155k Series consoles in UK in 24 hours versus 150k Xbox One consoles in 48 hours, which makes it even more impressive. Though supply constraints may make it harder to follow through this year than last launch.

VG Chartz uses sales data and whatever other information they can gather but they are an estimate of what has potentially sold. Benji-Sales mentioned this a few weeks ago on one of his live streams. I don’t know what the over/under is but I usually just take away 100K units from a high number and it usually ends up at or very close to it when all the official numbers come in.

Of course, with Microsoft, they don’t release official sales numbers so it’s all pretty much an estimate.

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It sold over a million thats for sure. How much more we really don’t know.

VGChartz pull numbers out of their ass though. Then adjust as more concrete imfo comes out. Very unreliable imo.


Yeah, VGChartz is fine to estimate lifetime sales numbers, but it is not a good measure for such an important data as launch day console sales.


Yes, but at the end of the day, the number is definitely around 1.5m or a little less

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What a difference the launch sentiment has been from last gen. Xbox Game Pass is its own viral network, the more people have it, the more they recommend other people to subscribe it.

With series S, the sales are going to be much closer than expected.

VGchartz is nonsense.

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Yup. Not many likely know their poor track record since most forumites don’t care much about sales data anymore, but they are not reliable. We CAN likely find a floor for the number of sales through given what X1 sold in US opening if we can dig up that figure. I’d wager this figure is actually about right, but the source isn’t to be taken as anything beyond guessing.

The source is not reliable so do not pay any attention to it , The number is certainly above a million, but how many exactly no one knows

VGChartz is reliable as a tarot card reader LOL.

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We are closing this topic because VGchartz are not trusted source for anything they ‘track’.